As a world of green turned to grayscale, people set out to recreate organic ambiances within their homes, eager to rekindle nature’s lost touch amongst jungles of concrete. With decades of experience in yarn manufacturing, Sutlej Textiles was well placed to broaden it’s sight and mission.

We dedicated ourselves to rebuilding this bridge, spinning the very threads of nature herself into stories and motifs that bring life to your homes. And thus, Nesterra was born.

Step into a world woven together for you, and by you. A world where fabric, texture, and colour come together to tell your story. Every stitch is personalized, every thread a reflection of a journey that begins with your choices, and culminates in a space you can call your own.

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Inspired Designs

Inspired by curiosity.


Vibrant threads

And stories spun in colour.


Designed with Class

and crafted for comfort – the best of both worlds.


The Natural Choice

Exquisite aesthetics, and unmovable ethics.

Nothing can remind one of safety, comfort, and home, quite like a simple nest. Patched together intricately from odds and ends, every twig holds a story, a journey - and a purpose.

Nesterra draws inspiration from this natural abode, curating elements from different cultures and experiences, seamlessly patching them together to create a tapestry of colour, emotions, and stories you can call your own.

Home is where the heart is. We’re weaving something beautiful, for both.

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. -Cecelia Ahern

Every piece of fabric, every touch of texture will remind you of the things you hold dear - and invite you to relax in the warmth of its familiarity. Our vision is of a world designed to reflect your individuality and your space in it. A space where every thread is significant and every stitch is crafted with perfection.

This isn’t our world, it’s yours. We’re just spinning the tale.

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